Performance Improvements - Faster Load times!

Dear Clients!   We have rolled out some minor changes to our Apache / mod_lsapi configuration to improve overall performance. Removed mod_security (now replaced by BitNinja) Replaced mpmworker with mpmevent Enabled memcache on all PHP versions Tuned CRIU / Checkpoint Restore in Userspace   Warmest Regards The team at JMS Services. Read More »

18th Dec 2020
BitNinja - Site Protection now AVAILABLE

Dear Clients!   Until now, BitNinja has worked in the background to protect your sites from a wide range of attacks, malware, brute force and more. We are now pleased to announce the release of BitNinja 'Site Protection', which is a plugin available within cPanel. This gives you full visibility on the scale of the attacks found within your ... Read More »

10th Dec 2020
Email Sending Limits - Increased

Dear Clients,


We are pleased to announce that we have now increased our sending limits from 75 emails per hour to 100 emails per hour for all cPanel based accounts. 


Warmest Regards

The team at JMS Services.

8th Dec 2020
cPanel SSH Access - Port Changed

Dear Clients!

Please note that all cPanel servers now use the default SSH port 22.

This change has now been introduced as a followup to the implementation of the BitNinja security suite, allowing for more convenient connections to SSH.

Warmest Regards

The team at JMS Services.

14th Oct 2020
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