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Knights Out

Knights out is a clothing venture born in Bolton.

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We proposed our concept for the initial concept logos to Kiran, the client was really pleased with the outcome of the logo concept designs. After completing the core design elements alongside various mockup concepts the final choice was made!

We then proceeded to create the web-front store for our client. We are proud to say the outcome of the project is second to none. Visit the site by clicking the link above.  

The challenge

Logo & Branding Service : Understanding the crucial aspect of what Kiran was after was important, we did various mockups with the 4 logo concepts which were designed after much consideration one was selected and is now the face of KNIGHTS OUT Clothing.  

  • Colour Scheme - Black & White
  • Preference - Clean, Minimalistic, Iconic
  • Name - Knights Out
  • Concepts - 4

The challenge

Website Development : During the process, we understood the requirements of the client allowing us to get the first concepts exactly how the client wanted it. The client was after an easy process of inventory management with the e-commerce store. We incorporated an advanced excel management system with a 1 click import system allowing for swift management.

  • Inventory Management
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Wordpress & Woocommerce Core
  • Variation of advanced features.

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