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THEDELAMODE, specialise in bringing the best of the trends and help you pick the best of the designs for your wardrobe.

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We proposed our concepts to Asad, he was extremely impressed with the work that was shown that he approved the design and proceeded with revamping his existing ecommerce store for his brand THEDELAMODE. This also included photoshop editing and Logo concept design. Below you will be able to browse all the element changes that were made including pre-concept designs.

The challenge

During the process alot of hurdles had to be overcome due to the existing web-presence that had was just not good enough to attract new customers and promote the sense of trust.

To list a few of the advanced features that were added :

  • – Excel product management system
  • – Advanced ajax fliter system
  • – Advanced shipping system
  • – Fraud prevention montioring system
  • – Advanced security implementation
  • – Multiple payment methods
  • – Mailchimp integration


Additionally we have done design work with DLM :

  • – Photoshop Editing
  • – Logo Design & Mockups.
  • – Favicon Design


We are glad to say that Asad was extremely happy with the outcome of this project and we will continue to support the business for countless years!


Before Revamp

After Revamp

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