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JMS London

JMS London, We want you to think of us when it comes to luxury, we want to resemble a world class brand with unique, modern and creative ideas.

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We proposed our concepts to the client, he was extremely impressed with the work that was shown that the client approved the design and proceeded with designing the ecommerce store for the brand THEJMSSHOP. This also included photoshop editing and Logo concept design. Below you will be able to browse all the element changes that were made including pre-concept designs. Alongside reviewing the array of web-designs that were carried out, on launch the final selected design (we had to keep this a secret) will be added!

The challenge

JMS Shop have been providing luxury bespoke iPhones since 2016, all customer engagement was through facebook and other social platforms. After huge demand we have now decided to launch a fully fledged website. To list a few of the advanced features that were added:

  • – Customizer iPhone Module
  • – Advanced ajax fliter system
  • – Advanced shipping system
  • – Same-Day delivery tracking
  • – Fraud prevention montioring system
  • – Advanced security implementation
  • – Points and Rewards System
  • – Advanced Refund System
  • – Multiple payment methods
  • – Mailchimp integration

  Additionally we have done design work with The JMS Shop:

  • – Photoshop Editing
  • – Logo Design & Mockups.
  • –  Branding Mockups
  • – Favicon Design
  • –  Business Card Design
  • –  Social Banners
  • –  Stationary Design

  Throughout the process of over 6 months, constant design changes and amendements were needed to achieve the desired goal for our brand and i can say on launch it will be amazing!  

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