7 Basic WordPress Tricks For Our Clients

WordPress for beginners in digital marketing is a subject that always generates a lot of interest, after all, every day more and more people invest in the production of corporate blogs and websites.

To save your time and speed up your WordPress learning experience, we’ve put together everything you need to know.

Below are 7 basic WordPress tricks for beginners that will soon take you to another level.


Schedule posts

Do you know that you can time and date a post in WordPress? This basic WordPress trick for beginners is very simple and helps a lot to maintain a periodic post routine.

This way, you don’t need to be present or online to post, you can choose the date and time. To do so, after inserting the content on the page, in the upper right corner, instead of clicking on “Publish”, click on the link “Publish Immediately,” then “Edit,” and easily schedule the post.


Optimize the URL for SEO patterns

For your company, store, brand, and business to appear well ranked in search engines ( Google ), SEO is a series of optimization techniques. One of them is to optimize the website’s URL, editing it to an address that makes it easier to find it.

URLs with special characters (%, &, $, @, or *) hinder the search, as well as a very long address. To solve this, create a shorter URL with the keyword defined for the post.

To perform this optimization, locate the URL just below the title, click it and edit as best you can.


Create line break

Want to make a line break instead of a paragraph? Press Shift + Enter and watch the magic happen! A great tip to improve the look of your content.


Use shortcuts

There are a number of shortcuts that save you time and streamline the production of WordPress content for beginners. Some shortcuts to follow:

  • Header 1: Control + 1
  • Header 2: Control + 2
  • Header 3: Control + 3
  • Header 4: Control + 4
  • Bold: Control + B
  • Underline: Control + U
  • Italic: Control + I


Access all shortcuts

To know, test, and learn all the shortcuts, just click on “Help” or use the shortcut Alt+Shift+H in the WordPress editor. The “Shortcut Keys” tab will then appear. Click on it and enjoy!


Use SEO-optimized images

Naming images is great to help your site found by search engines. When uploading the image to WordPress, the user can then enter keywords for both the image title and alternative text.


Use the footer

The WordPress footer is the ideal space to create a “call to action” to subscribe to the newsletter, include the bio of the post and/or website author, highlight certain pages on the website, among other possibilities.

Are you used to using WordPress? Is it starting now? What are your doubts? And what are your tips? Share with us and other readers! And don’t forget to share this post to your friends who are new to WordPress art!

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