Why we use Cloud Hosting for all our websites

Cloud computing, what is it? These are structures of virtual machines that use resources on several different servers. Examples of cloud computing are: social networks, hosting servers, and databases can be in the cloud.



Cloud computing structure has left it to be something for large corporations for a long time. Contrary to what many might imagine, the value of maintaining a VM becomes increasingly accessible, and I realize that soon this scenario will improve for those who use this type of structure. Technological advances have historically been expected to reduce costs as the use of technologies advances.



Your data and information anywhere. It seems kind of obvious because even a physical server inside your company can be accessed remotely. But you still depend on this server being available. With a virtual machine, you can have high processing performance from any device and are always available. If you hire a robust server, you will get quality support anywhere on the planet. This is an evolution of cloud computing.



Imagine that you are starting a small business project and that it grows exponentially in a very short time, and you need to increase your data processing by 100 times! This would hardly happen overnight, even with a fair purchasing process and good IT staff. With the cloud structure, you could go up and structure offices every month to meet your needs in an ideal way, without any investments.



In the same way, as in the previous example, you have the availability to increase your structure quickly, the opposite can also happen. Let’s assume that your business needs to decrease its data processing and storage capacity by considerable amounts! If you invested in a local server, this would be impossible. With the cloud with only one downgrade request, this is possible.



Data is available 24 hours a day. The cloud makes it possible for this to happen, servers with tier 3 certifications for example guarantee 99.9% uptime in data availability. Then you will say that it is not 100%!!! Not really, but tell me what availability you have with a local server?



When we talk about cloud storage and processing, we also talk about sustainability. Certified servers meet all UN sustainable development goals. We can name a few here: Building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and fostering innovation; Strengthening the means of implementation, and revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development.



The most common example that the cloud is more secure is natural disasters and catastrophes. If something physically happens to your server, how long does it take for you to build a new framework and get it running? In the cloud, you just have new access to be able to work again. When we talk about data security, we also have to remember intrusions, leaks, and ransomware. In the cloud, security measures are even greater. On a local server, accessing different types of people in the place is generally more common. On the other hand, on robust servers, the procedures for accessing the sites are much stricter.


Optimize technical team

Focus on your core business, if you have a team that is more focused on your product, this will certainly bring more positive results. In addition, speaking again of smaller companies, the owner or director usually spends hours and hours seeking knowledge to buy and hire products and services that are often not suitable for their processes, this is due to the limitations of technical knowledge involved in the area of YOU. When hiring cloud servers, you will be hiring companies that are experts in the field.



Cloud servers currently have licenses that accommodate the number of users needed at more attractive costs. This creates much less time to manage multiple licenses for different operating systems, and you have all your licenses concentrated in a single structure and with simplified management. In addition, you will still have considerable savings.

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